Our Turn-Key management is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to scale all the way up to handling

unlimited amount of devices


In the lobby of the Finnish biggest movie theater you can immerse yourself in Virtual Reality experience. Marketing Turn-key Module is good example of taking high quality VR marketing experiences for masses. We stress tested it with thousands of guests in the week.

Pikseli Immersive marketing Turn-key helps address major challenges for delivering VR content for masses, such as deployment, management and operations by providing a complete solution.


Virtual Reality Gaming Future is in Arcades not the living room – and we've seen it in action. We have been operating successful VR Arcades past 3 years.

A complete solution consists of a x amount of hardware units, Cloud software for managing devices, VR experiences etc. What comes to operating profitable VR Arcades we can help you. 

The Operator can easily make adjustments to content, Immersive client. All configurations are made by one click from our cloud platform.


 Our cloud-enabled autonomous Virtual Reality Gaming concepts is developed for hotels, ferry companies, amusement parks, aquariums etc. Virtual Reality entertainment can add value to your business. Branded wall banners can be erected and removed with the content.


Concept is fully self-serviced for customer. Depending on the need solution can be equipped with bar code scanner, Mobile payment, credit card reader, UV-Hygienic Solution.