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Cloud Managed VR headsets as service

Manage Virtual Reality content and settings on all your VR Headsets easily with a simple unified web-based console. We have built our management system in real life scenarios. If you are collaboration,education, marketing company or gaming company who want to manage multiple VR headset in multiple locations in same time with one click we got solution for you.

Our turnkey platform helps Virtual Reality businesses transform the way  Content producers, Location based VR and their customers seamlessly interact.

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Analyzing Billing and Usage Data

Our Report engine gives you an overall analysis as well as a per day analysis of content usage. The report is automatically generated by power BI to provide usage metrics for content dashboard. 


Manage your commercial licensing for enterprise and location based entertainment or meter you immersive VR marketing material launch times. We can tailor the system for you business.

For example you want to implement usage-based billing for indie game studio and build Turnkey business around it. Most of Indie games are not included in commercial VR arcade platforms. Our platform is open for any content from any source. You can choose you favorite game studio and share it to your customers. If you need turnkey solution with 24/7 monitoring and patching, hardware, super cool design. We have platform for you

Cloud managed VR stations as service

All devices are handled all at once, automatically and remotely. We believe that only offering management system is not the key for success. Most of VR location based business owners are not technical. We believe that offering whole end to end management system as service is key to success. Our solution includes always

  • Patch management

  • Inventory management

  • Remote control: The company can control hardware remotely if needed.

  • Hardware updates

  • Game engine like Unreal & Unity patches

  • Content distribution and removal

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