Play the best VR games, feel the adrenaline of multiplayer games, and experience things you might never do in real life: go underwater with a  blue whale, orbit the Earth, fly with an eagle, or battle with zombies. We believe that virtual reality should be easily accessible for everyone with reasonable price.


We leverage decades of joint experience in retail, financial, and technology sectors while turning the concept into  the most powerful location-based virtual reality business.


Our store managers and staff are the most important asset of our business, and we continuously focus on their feedback to improve customer experience.

With the best of industry return on investment achieved today, we have been building our concept for three years in real-life situations and stress tested it with 125,000 visitors since we started our operation. 

We are well aware of the problems with location-based virtual reality:

We know how to distribute games from Steam, we know how to set up dozens of lighthouses, we know how the hardware should be updated...


"Great experience, friendly staff, good value for your money" 



80.000 visitors


Every Pikseli location is operated from a single pane of glass with our SaaS system including time tracking, content publishing, content billing and station management as well as everything you need for operating location based virtual reality from 4 to 1000 headsets. On our platform with unlimited scalability, one administrator can currently control 200+ visitors a day.

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