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"Empowering companies to use Virtual Reality in new ways as they work toward the future "

PIKSELI | Est. 2016
Nordics largest location based virtual reality operator. 

The need of People go out to be with friends or have fun as a family never change. Pikseli secret sauce to success is well operated venues with amazing staff. Our customer return rate is probably the highest in industry 52% with 75.000 annual visitors in 4 locations. 


c l o u d 4 v r . c o m 

Cloud4VR is content XR Streaming, distributing and billing platform to automate all Content related settings in XR devices.

cloud4vr kuva.jpg

Kiosk4VR . c o m 

Self Service Virtual Reality Kiosk for any VR content. Kiosk4VR is a sleek, modern entertainment machine, designed to delight a whole new generation of VR fans. Kiosk4VR is perfect solution for entertainment or education use. Kiosk is connected Kiosk4VR cloud platform and challenges all the current kiosk manufacturers in the world with more automation and more intelligence.

about us

About us

We are a team of virtual reality enthusiast with decades of collective experience in retail, shopping center business, HR and ICT. Our team is focused on creating VR solutions for serving every day business operations.

We bring virtual reality to consumers with our Location Based Virtual Reality Turnkey Solution and created Cloud4VR SaaS platform to support it.'s operations. After several successfull year  that we spin-off company Cloud4VR to serve other industries with our VR solution.

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